Rob Parker Says the Fraudulent Patriots Were Predictably Exposed

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens
Rob Parker: “I’ve been telling you the Patriots are fraudulent with a capital “F”. THEY’RE FRAUDS and hadn’t beaten anybody. They got their butts kicked and everyone around NFL America rolled around in it. It was so good and I loved every minute of it. It was GREAT and they finally played a real NFL team and got EXPOSED. I’m more comfortable than I was before the season saying they will NOT make it to the AFC Championship Game. They are frauds and this ain’t no championship caliber team.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker take his jubilant victory lap after the New England Patriots were demolished by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football, 37-20.

Parker has been one of the most vocal anti-Patriots members of the media, and has been very open in detailing why the Patriots weren’t this powerful juggernaut that the vast majority of pundits had fallen in love with while the team was demolishing the first half of their schedule.

Parker says the Patriots had been a fraud all along, and that Sunday night was simply a competent team finally exposing a club who had feasted on the NFL’s bottom feeders for two months before running into a buzzsaw Baltimore team who put New England to sleep early on.

Check out the rant below as Parker dances on the graves of all Patriots fanboys.

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