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Cam Newton's NFL Career Could Be Over

Doug Gottlieb: “Cam Newton is not terribly accurate, he gets hurt a lot, and while he’s a big persona and dresses in quirky ways, he’s not the guy that necessarily fits into the NFL’s corporate structure in comparison to most quarterbacks. I think he’s in done in Carolina and it’s going to be hard to find him another home in the NFL… Cam is to football what Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony are to basketball. Cam is like Iverson because both won an MVP and got to a championship, and Cam and Carmelo are relatable because both were prolific players who did things on a basketball court or football field that few, if any, could ever do… And yet it’s hard to find a new team who wanted to sign up for that. The game has evolved. He’s injury-prone, he’s inaccurate, he’s not going to evolve as a passer, he holds onto the ball way too long, and who are his former coaches out there who believe in him and are going to try to rehabilitate his career? At 30 years old, he might be DONE.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton may have played his last snap not only as a member of the Panthers, but as a professional in the NFL.

The Panthers placed the 30-year-old free agent-to be on the IR on Wednesday, effectively ending his season barring an unexpected return in the postseason if the 5-3 Panthers should make it.

Gottlieb compares the former MVP to former NBA stars Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony. Two elite players in their primes who suffered embarrassing exits in the NBA when their skill sets suddenly became obsolete in an evolving sport that no longer coveted their strengths. Much like A.I. and Melo found out at the end of the career's, Gottlieb has a hard time believing there are teams out there interested in the former MVP and Super Bowl runner-up.

Check out the video above as Doug explains why there’s no guarantee that we ever see Cam again.