Mitch Trubisky Quickly Becoming the NFL's Most Trolled Player on Twitter

Los Angeles Chargers v Chicago Bears

Los Angeles Chargers v Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Mitch Trubisky at one point was a popular pick to win the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award this season… (Yes, we swear he was).

Two deplorable months later and the Bears signal-caller is the laughing stock of the league and quite possibly the NFL’s most derided player.

Trubisky ranks 48th in quarterback rating, 39th in passing yards per game, 33rd in touchdowns, and 30th in QBR.

The third year player has failed to throw a touchdown in 5 of his 7 starts, and has just one pass all season gaining 40+ yards.

And the worst part? Well, for one he’s holding back a Bears defense that could be one of the most talented units of the decade, and two, the Bears traded up to get him in the 2017 Draft and selected the one-year starter at North Carolina over All-Pros Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

The 25-year-old has suddenly become a walking punchline and one of the lowest hanging fruits on NFL twitter to relentlessly troll.

On Wednesday, Trubisky reportedly even tried to get anti-Bears content censored at the Bears practice facility, Halas Hall, in an attempt to muffle any bad publicity… Not sure if he meant ‘anti-Bears’ content or ‘anti-Trubisky’ as the media unanimously believes Trubisky is the one holding back what could have been a Super Bowl caliber roster in 2019.

Check out some of the funniest and most brutal Trubisky troll jobs on Twitter, as Trubisky may have become this generation’s ‘Smokin' Jay Cutler’.