Kawhi Leonard is Blowing Up an NBA Issue in a Big Way

Kawhi Leonard is Blowing Up an NBA Issue in a Big Way

Clay Travis says that Kawhi Leonard sitting out regular season games because of "load management" is becoming a serious issue for the NBA. Clay argues that the NBA and other pro sports leagues are all "copycat leagues" and Kawhi sitting out regular season games will lead to more and more of the NBA's stars following his lead and doing the same. Clay feels strongly that this can't happen for nationally televised games and that the league or TV networks should step in.

Clay also makes the point that it's not fair to fans, who invest their hard earned money to get tickets to these popular showdowns, like we saw last night in LA, as Giannis Antetokounmpo, last year's MVP, came to LA to take on the reigning Finals MVP in Kawhi Leonard.

Danny G. points out that one of his friends spent $600 to take himself and his kid to see the Kawhi & 'Greek Freak' matchup last night, only to be let down when finding out that Leonard would be taking the evening off.

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