7 Reasons Why the Nick Saban Era Could Be Over at Alabama

Seven Reasons Why the Nick Saban Era is Concluding at Alabama

1. Age – He’s 68. When you’re 62, you see the six in front but when you’re 68 you see the 7. Big difference in America when you’re viewed at 60 compared to 70.

2. New transfer rules The transfer portal is driving him nuts. Players can now transfer at ANY time and you have no say. You can’t just stockpile talent now.

3. New recruiting formatThere are now two national signing days in college football. It used to be one for 100 years. It’s made life as a college football coach NON-STOP and you have no quality of life.”

4. Tua is leaving – Tua Tagovailoa is easily the best quarterback Saban has ever had and he will be leaving after this season triggering a massive drop-off.

5. TV career awaiting – There are seven-figure television jobs lined up for Saban. He’s going to be a TV star and every major network is going to want him.

6. Defense is now obsolete – College football is so offensive now that he can’t stop anybody. You can’t stop Joe Burrow, you can’t stop Trevor Lawrence, and you can’t stop elite quarterbacks. The game is changing and it’s not changing in Nick’s direction.

7. Assistants leave – When you’re at a glamour program like Alabama, you can’t keep your best assistants. You get cherry picked every year.

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