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Colin Cowherd: Anyone Defending Myles Garrett is Embarrassing Themselves

Colin Cowherd: “STOP defending Myles Garrett. GET OFF THE INTERNET, OHIO. You’ve embarrassed yourself long enough in this league for your play on the field and now you’re embarrassing yourself for defending Myles Garrett. If I jumped you at a bar and then 7 seconds later hit you over the head with a beer bottle, in those 7 seconds when I’m on top of you, you have a right to grab me wherever you want and swing wildly to defend yourself. Mason Rudolph was illegally attacked, a penalty, and then a guy 30 pounds heavier than him jumps on top of him? Rudolph can do whatever the hell he wants for those 7 seconds between getting hit illegally and then getting hit over the head with a helmet, it’s called self-defense, a judicial right in America, forget sports. STOP IT. This is 100% on Myles Garrett. Garrett is one of the league leaders in late hits and penalties, you don’t know if the guy is wired right.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the ugly incident on Thursday Night Football that may have just been the closest thing the NFL has ever seen to the NBA’s infamous Malice at the Palace incident.

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, one of the game’s fiercest pass rushers who has also earned a reputation as one of the game’s dirtiest as well, locked up with Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph after a late hit and ended up yanking Rudolph’s helmet off and then clubbing him upside the top of the head with it.

The melee will surely be an indelible black eye to the NFL, as the league has already suspended Garrett indefinitely, ending his 2019 season at the drop of a hat and making it clear there is no timetable for him to ever return either.

Much of the discussion from the calamitous commotion is why exactly Garrett snapped and pulled off arguably the dirtiest cheap shot in NFL history, drawing parallels to an NHL incident in February of 2000 when Boston Bruins enforcer Marty McSorley hit Vancouver defenseman and fellow brawler Donald Brasher in the head with his stick, which knocked Brasher unconscious. The incident resulted in McSorley not only never appearing in the NHL again, but also being criminally prosecuted.

Defenders of Garrett are arguing that the scrum was elevated by the actions by Rudolph preceding the helmet blow, which appeared to show Rudolph, who had just been late hit by Garrett in the dying seconds of a blowout, trying to rip Garrett’s helmet off in retaliation.

Check out the video above as Colin says any football fan defending Garrett should be embarrassed for themselves, and details why Garrett already has the reputation of a ruffian who might have a couple screws loose.