Former WWE Champion CM Punk Explains Why He Returned to Pro Wrestling

CM Punk with Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor

Listen to former WWE superstar CM Punk join The Herd to talk about his pilgrimage back to professional wrestling as the 41-year-old is set to join up with Fox Sports to be an analyst for the FS1 wrestling series ‘WWE Backstage’.

Punk was a professional wrestler from 1999-2014, but he was most remembered for his time in the WWE when he became one of the most beloved and tenured champions in the company’s history.

His 434-day reign as WWE champion from June 2011 to January of 2013 was the sixth longest streak in WWE history and is the longest of the 2010’s.

Punk was adored by fans who saw his straight edge, quick-witted, and rogue anti-establishment persona directly parallel his personality in real life, and Punk would go on to became one of the most unique characters the WWE had ever produced.

After a brief stint fighting in the UFC where Punk lost his only two fights over a 22-month period, Punk now finds himself back in the WWE limelight, albeit covering it for Fox, with no real plan to return as a wrestler.

Check out the full interview below as Punk explains why he’s heading back to his old familiar stomping grounds that at one time seemed like a pipedream return trip.