"This Isn't a Publicity Stunt": Carli Lloyd Serious on Career as NFL Kicker

Rich Eisen: “Next year rolls around and you get through the Olympics; you would entertain an NFL team if they were as serious as you on the subject of literally making a National Football League team and doing this as a professional player?”
Carli Lloyd: “yea, absolutely. This isn’t just a publicity stunt or something that is just kinda having fun and stringing the media along on. I know I can do it, I know I have the mental capacity in pressure situations, and I know that there would be loads of people who would want to see me fail… I definitely want to entertain it, but I want to go be good at it and I want to be able to do it. If I can help pioneer and break down some doors for other women in the future that would be amazing.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to United States Women’s National Team hero Carli Lloyd join The Rich Eisen to discuss how she got enveloped with the biggest sports story of the summer, as the two-time FIFA Player of the Year was contemplating a push to become a kicker in the National Football League.

Lloyd went viral for kicking a 55-yard field goal in Philadelphia Eagles training camp and there was been a wave of support for the 37-year-old Lloyd fresh off winning a World Cup with the National Team, to legitimately attempt trying out for an NFL team.

Check out the interview above as Lloyd revisits the idea of becoming the first female player in league history, and reiterates to Rich Eisen that this isn't a publicity stunt, and that she would legitimately make a run at trying out for an NFL team after the upcoming Summer Olympics end in August.

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