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Top 20 Most Memorable Sports Personalities of the 2010's

Colin Cowherd: “As we say goodbye to 2019 we want to look back at the entire decade, so we created a list of the ‘Top 20 Trending Sports Personalities of the Decade.’

Colin Cowherd’s 'Trending Twenty':

20. Alex Rodriguez: “A-Rod has the classic recipe for an iconic stature: greatness, his personal life is noteworthy, and there are bits of controversy.”

19. Serena Williams: “Best women’s tennis player of my lifetime and wins with grace, power, and dominance.”

18. Odell Beckham Jr: May have the most famous catch in the history of football.”

17. Peyton Manning: “He’s American football royalty and the leader of the greatest name in football history.”

16. Michael Jordan: “The gold standard of basketball and his Jordan Brand sneaker is still easily the most popular shoe in the world.”

15. Rob Gronkowski: “Three-time Super Bowl champion and the biggest personality in a stoic dynasty.”

14. Nick Saban: “Led the greatest run in the history of college football.”

13. Kobe Bryant: “He was stylish, he was dramatic, he was a movement, and he was the most artistic player in NBA history.”

12. Jim Harbaugh: “Very few people will ever have as much success as him in both pro and college football.”

11. Floyd Mayweather: “10-0 this decade, 50-0 for his career, and the highest paid athlete of the 2010's.”

10. Jerry Jones: “The Cowboys are now valued at $5.5 billion which is 20% higher than the New York Yankees.”

9. Russell Wilson:The most underappreciated football player of my lifetime.”

8. Russell Westbrook: “Probably the most athletic NBA player in my lifetime.”

7. Kevin Durant: “One of the sport’s biggest enigmas and the greatest pure scorer of the decade,”

6. Bill Belichick:Best NFL coach of all time in a league that has become increasingly difficult to sustain success in.”

5. Tiger Woods: “His 2019 Masters championship after an 11-year Major drought was my favorite moment of the decade.”

4. Aaron Rodgers: “Highest career passer rating in league history and was the rare replacement who actually ended up better than the predecessor.”

3. Steph Curry: “Because of his lack of size he’s never been appreciated as much as he deserves.”

2. Tom Brady: “Best player ever in the most popular sport ever.”

1. LeBron James: “’The Decision’ gave him a lot of blowback, but he’s now in his ‘MOGUL’ stage.”