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Colin Cowherd: Patriots Franchise Would Implode if Tom Brady Left

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss a recent article penned by long-time New England Patriots insider Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston detailing the ongoing tumult between Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and the franchise he’s been with for nearly 20 seasons.

The column explains how the one-time pipedream of Brady ending his career with another team is actually very much a reality now, as the 42-year-old continues toward a road to perdition to free agency in the most frustrating year of Brady’s career.

Despite being 10-2 on the season and tied with four other teams for the best record in the NFL, Brady is in an extremely precarious position with Patriots management teaming up with head coach Bill Belichick in their lukewarm support for Brady going forward.

Colin says this is an epic disaster just waiting to happen for New England. Even though Colin acknowledges the justifiable exoduses of other Hall of Fame quarterbacks the likes of Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, and Joe Montana, Colin quickly points out the fact that those players had future Hall of Fame replacements (Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young) waiting in the wings, which made moving on from their living legends the right move.

Check out the video above as Colin details why New England is heading towards an ice age if they let Brady walk in the offseason.