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It's Only a Matter of Time Before Lamar Jackson Gets Seriously Injured

Doug Gottlieb: “Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are NOT the future of the NFL, PATRICK MAHOMES is the future of the NFL – A lot of mobility with crazy arm talent, can make every throw, has a creative gene, has big hands, and can throw from all different angles… We’ve had guys like Lamar Jackson before and they ALL got hurt. Somebody catches them and hits them, or even in an effort to dive they plant their knee and something happens. Look at Carson Wentz in an innocuous dive versus the Rams -- he tears his ACL. Eli Manning raced a pregnant woman and came in third, yet he started for 15 consecutive years. He’s slow, but he’s agile in the pocket and can throw the football. Do you need Lamar Jackson running the football 15 times a game?? NO. They ALL get hurt. They’re NOT the future of the NFL.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t think Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen are in the future of the NFL, alluding to a take fellow-Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd made earlier in the day.

Although Jackson and Allen have massively vaulted past Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and Josh Rosen in the ranks of the 2018 NFL Draft class, with Jackson now an MVP front-runner and Allen leading the most successful Bills season in 25 years, Gottlieb doesn’t see a ‘future’ for two guys whose value is highest on the ground.

Jackson (977 rushing yards) and Allen (430 rushing yards) lead the league in rushing at the quarterback position and their upcoming Week 14 matchup will pair two quarterbacks with the highest combined rushing total entering a game in league history.

So, with Jackson and Allen leading two of the best teams in the AFC, will running quarterbacks soon be as ‘prototypical’ as pocket-passers are in classic football terms?

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why running quarterbacks will NEVER be the future considering it’s impossible for them to remain healthy for a long period of time.