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NHL Veteran Joe Thornton Knocks Out Hurricanes Goalie With Only One Punch

Either NHL veteran and future Hall of Famer Joe Thornton has a right jab like Joe Frazier, Petr Mrazek has a jaw made out of glass, or is the greatest flopper since JJ Redick at Duke.

After the Carolina Hurricanes goalie made a save in a game versus the San Jose Sharks and covered up the puck, Thornton whacked at Mrazek's glove moments after the whistle blew.

Mrazek then took exception and took a huge swing with his goalie stick in the direction of Thornton, but missed by a few feet as Hurricanes players began to body Thornton into the boards.

That’s when Mrazek skated towards Thornton to exchange words, only to have Thornton throw a sudden jab and connect on Mrazek's jaw, albeit still with his goalie helmet on.

Mrazek then jerked back and went airborne on his way down to the ice in a crumpled heap, while Thornton appeared to be a bit shocked his punch had just caused as much damage.

Mrazek then rolled on the ice in agony like he had just been hit by a sniper.

Mrazek after the game called it a 'cheap shot'.

The next day, Thornton’s teammates had some fun with the 40-year-old and drew a ‘chalk outline’ of Mrazek’s body on the ice next to the goal.

It is not known as this point if Thornton will be suspended any games.