Colin Cowherd: Aaron Rodgers Will Be the Next Andrew Luck and Retire Early

Colin Cowherd: “Aaron Rodgers is a guy like Andrew Luck, Tony Romo, and maybe a little bit like Cam Newton: Injuries + other interests = an early retirement. Rodgers’ mentioned he’s on the 18th hole and Drew Brees and Tom Brady don’t even acknowledge that retirement is an option. I’m told Russell Wilson spends over a million and a half dollars every year on his body. I doubt if Aaron would ever want to be defined by football, and I could absolutely see him stepping away.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Aaron Rodgers’ recent comments alluding to his career being on the 18th hole, as the 36-year-old surprisingly talked about his NFL mortality in the midst of a 10-3 season that has the Green Bay Packers in the hunt for Rodgers’ second Super Bowl title.

Colin believes Rodgers is a guy cut from the same cloth as former greats like Tony Romo and Andrew Luck, who retired from football at an early age despite having a lot left in the tank and with the opportunity to play for contenders.

Check out the audio below as Colin details why he doesn’t think Rodgers wants to be defined by football when it’s all said and done, and says much like Romo, Rodgers could instantly be a star in the booth or a mainstay in the public eye as a commercial spokesperson and universal celebrity like Peyton Manning.

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