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Doug Gottlieb: Russell Wilson Deserves the NFL MVP More than Lamar Jackson

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks Russell Wilson is the REAL NFL MVP in a race that has likely tilted heavily towards Lamar Jackson with just three weeks to go.

Jackson would certainly be deserving of the award in only his second season starting in the league, leading the NFL in QBR and touchdown passes, and responsible for 1,017 yards on the ground, but Gottlieb thinks Wilson’s candidacy goes a lot deeper than stats.

Wilson is fourth in the NFL in QBR with a 26/5 touchdown-to-interception ratio, however, Gottlieb believes Lamar has been propelled by one of the league’s most dominant defenses, and a supporting cast that far outweighs the talent of Wilson’s.

Baltimore’s defense ranks 5th in points allowed, and 6th in yards allowed while the Seattle defense ranks just 22nd (points) and 26th (yards) in the same two categories.

Jackson also plays in a much less competitive division than Wilson, as the AFC North is arguably the second weakest division in football only ahead of the NFC East, with undermanned Pittsburgh, punchless Cleveland, and pathetic Cincinnati rounding out that division, whereas the NFC West includes elite San Francisco, dangerous Los Angeles coming off an NFC title, and a competitive Cardinals team with Rookie of the Year front-runner Kyler Murray.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why he thinks Jackson will ultimately win the MVP, but why Wilson is more ‘Valuable.’