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Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the 10 Best NFL Teams After Week 14

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints

Colin Cowherd Ranks the 10 Best NFL Teams After Week 14 – December 10th (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

10. Buffalo Bills (9-4): "You can make the argument that this is the best overall defense in the NFL. They haven't had an easy schedule and they have done a pretty good job shutting everybody down. They're second in points allowed, third in total defense, and third in pass defense. They have limitations on offense but this is the type of team who is built for the road. They're going to keep the score in the teens, and Josh Allen can throw the ball over the top. They're a legitimately REAL football team and a playoff team."

9. Green Bay Packers (10-3): "I just don't see what everybody else does. They're 26th against the run and I think they're simply a 'finesse' football team. They league has figured them out and has a book on how to beat them. The teams that are physical push them around. I DO like how they're far less reliant on Aaron Rodgers and Rodgers is totally okay with that. They're 6-1 when Aaron Jones rushes for over 100 yards, however, their ceiling is pretty low for a number two seed."

8. Tennessee Titans (8-5): “I wouldn't want any piece of the Titans. Since Week 10 the Titans lead the NFL in yards per play. That is a HUGE stat in the NFL and Vegas love it. They can make big plays, they can grind you with Derrick Henry, I've always thought Mike Vrabel was a good coach, they've got a big receiver in AJ Brown, and clearly the team is playing harder with Ryan Tannehill than Marcus Mariota. They're a good red zone offense and lead the league in red zone touchdowns.

7. Minnesota Vikings (9-4): “Mike Zimmer is an unbelievable coach. They're the number four rushing offense in the NFL and Kirk Cousins also has 24 touchdown passes. They're doing a lot of this without world class wide receiver Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook is not 100%. They've won 7 of their last 9 games and have had a very tough schedule. I'm a little worried about Cousins in the spotlight but this is probably the best number 7 team I have ever ranked at this time in the year. This is one of the best rosters in the league and it wouldn't surprise me if they made the NFC Championship.

6. New England Patriots (10-3): "Tom Brady has passed the ball 522 times; that leads the NFL and it's very troubling for me. Do you really want your 42-year-old quarterback leading the league in pass attempts?? That tells you that their running game stinks. You can bang on Brady but they're not running the football. They're forcing Brady to throw to rookies and undrafted guys. However, their defense has a league-leading +19 turnover differential so they'll always have a puncher's chance."

5. Kansas City Chiefs (9-4): "Ever notice they're always in games? They're the only team the last two years not to lose a game by over 7 points. That's the Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid factor. However, they don't run the ball well and they can't eat the clock when they get the lead. They're in too many close games considering the talent they have. Mahomes is terrific, though, and he's playing hurt. They're a 'good' team, but a lot of stuff situationally worries me."

4. Seattle Seahawks (10-3): "Don't take too much from that Rams game, they've already won too many big games. This is a classic Pete Carroll defense with 29 takeaways, and they're also third in rushing and can pound the ball. They're fifth in total offense. This is a 'nice' roster but I don't think it's a GREAT roster. This isn't a Baltimore, a New Orleans, or a San Francisco, but I trust this coach and quarterback in the playoffs."

3. New Orleans Saints (10-3): “They are the New Orleans of the NFC. Old and brilliant coach, old and brilliant quarterback, but they don't have much of a vertical passing game, just a dominant possession receiver. I've seen that San Francisco defensive line eat people up but I thought Drew Brees was unbelievable last week. New Orleans is better than I thought and Brees and Michael Thomas are on fire. I like their pass rush too, but I STILL don't know if they can take this act on the road and win a playoff game."

2. San Francisco 49ers (11-2): “Head coach 'A', quarterback 'A', and defensive line 'A'. There is A LOT to like about this team. They can beat you in so many ways. They can run the football and go POWER, they can do it with George Kittle and their wideouts, they can suffocate you with their defensive line, and they can take the ball away. As the weather turns and you face a variety of good athletes and coaches in January, they can beat you in 4 or 5 different ways. They can slow it down and chew up clock and they can go big play. This feels like a Super Bowl team to me but I worry about Garoppolo on the road in a big spot."

1. Baltimore Ravens (11-2): "They beat Seattle in Seattle, they beat San Francisco, and they beat New England, let's not be contrarian here. They're averaging 33 points a game, and since Marcus Peters arrived I think they're better defensively. They are well-coached and Lamar Jackson is better and faster than I thought, and his efficiency is remarkable for his age."