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Kirk Cousins: "I Play Better When People are Criticizing Me"

Dan Patrick: “Do you think you’ll ever satisfy your critics?”
Kirk Cousins: “Probably not. Even winning a Super Bowl, people at the end of the day can still criticize you but you kind of have the last laugh with a ring. That’s all you’re really chasing and all that really matters in this league and what you’re measured by. The critics aren’t going anywhere and that’s okay. Honestly, I think I play better when people are criticizing me, and I can come out and have something to chase. It helps the way I play.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Kirk Cousins discuss his standing as one of the league’s most derided quarterbacks as Cousins’ place among the NFL QB ranks has always been a polarizing storyline.

Despite having a Pro Bowl caliber 97.1 QB rating and 67.0% completion percentage for his career, Cousins is just 43-41 for his career in the league and the 31-year-old has never won a playoff game.

Perhaps even worse, Cousins is 0-8 for his career on Monday Night Football, and just 6-14-1 for his career in primetime games, including 2-8 on the road. Numbers like those are why people call Cousins one of the least clutch quarterbacks in the NFL and a player synonymous with coming up the smallest on the biggest stage.

Check out the segment above as Cousins details how he deals with the constant trolling.

FULL interview below.

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