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Rob Parker: NFL Should Ban Bill Belichick For Life if 'SpyGate 2' is Proven

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
Chris Broussard: “If they find out that Bill Belichick was involved and he knew what was going down, I think he should be suspended for a season.”
Rob Parker: “I got even better for you. Since this would be his second offense, he should be suspended INDEFINITELY until they see where this guy’s head is. They need to do a thorough investigation, and talk to ex-employees to find out how deep rooted this really is. The NFL should go as far as possible to dig into Bill Belichick's history and what he’s done. You can’t have cheating in professional sports where everyone else has to play by one set of rules. If he’s found guilt and if I were a Pro Football Hall of Fame voter, I’d have a hard time voting for him.” (Full Audio Below)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard explain the developing story into a New England Patriots employee attending last week’s Browns versus Bengals game in the press box, and mysteriously filming the Bengals’ sideline for an entire quarter with the Bengals and Patriots set to meet a week later in Week 15.

The Patriots released a statement saying they were filming video at the game to get content for a new episode of ‘Do Your Job’ that has been running on the team’s website. This episode was centering around the daily duties and life of an advanced scout on the road.

Check out the audio below as Rob says there needs to be serious consequences handed down if Bill Belichick and the Patriots are busted for SPYGATE 2.

Rob Parker: NFL Should Ban Bill Belichick For Life if 'SpyGate 2' is Proven