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Colin Cowherd: Opposing Defenses Are Now Trying to Hurt Lamar Jackson

Colin Cowherd: “We have seen lots of quarterbacks who are athletic – Cam Newton, Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick – they all WORK, but do they all LAST? Cam is now beat up, RGIII got beat up, and Vick's career didn’t go quite as we thought it would. Lamar Jackson is EMBARRASSING guys and breaking guys ankles. Those guys don’t forget… Did you notice how after Cam had his most profound year and won the MVP, the hits got later, cheaper, and uglier? Lamar is making guys with a lot of pride look insanely unathletic. They’re not trying to end Lamar’s career, but they are trying to knock him out of games. LEARN TO SLIDE LAMAR; do not let the rest of the NFL dictate your future.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Lamar Jackson needs to do a much better job of protecting himself, as the second-year quarterback who is the clear front-runner for the NFL’s MVP suffered his first real injury (quad) as a pro last week versus the Bills.

Jackson said after the game against Buffalo that his injury came within the pocket and not while he was running, but Ravens safety Earl Thomas said he noticed the hits against Jackson have become a lot more brutal as the season has gone on, especially with hits to Jackson’s legs.

Colin says he’s worried that Jackson’s rise from enigmatic rookie to one of the league’s best players could lead to a Cam Newton-type treatment from opposing defenses, as Colin details that once Cam won the MVP in 2015, defenses started to punish him more than they ever had before, knowing the only way to slow him down as a ball carrier was to inflict as much as pain as possible to vulnerable areas on his lower body.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the Baltimore Ravens should literally think about hiring a sliding coach for Lamar.