Clay Travis Argues over Whether or Not Lamar Jackson Can Sustain Success

Clay Travis is reacting to yet another amazing performance from Lamar Jackson. Jackson had nearly 300 total yards of offense and threw for 5 touchdown passes as the Ravens blew out the Jets on Thursday Night Football. It looks like Clay is facing a major uphill battle in his $15,000 fantasy football game this week, having to go head to head against Lamar.

Is Clay totally sold on the future League MVP? Clay Travis argues over whether or not his success is sustainable over the long haul, Clay does not believe it is.

"There has never been any quarterback who has done what he does, that has done it on a sustainable level. There are quarterbacks who run, but there has never been anybody who has done what he does on a sustainable level."

Clay asks if Lamar Jackson is a player that will change the precedent in the NFL, in a similar way that Steph Curry has changed the game in the NBA. The Outkick crew get into a heated debate on whether or not they believe Jackson is an MVP caliber type player for the next five to seven seasons. The opinions on Lamar's future are mixed, but one thing is almost a certainty at this point, and that is Lamar Jackson will be the NFL's MVP in 2019.

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