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Doug Gottlieb: Swapping Jerseys After a Blowout Loss is Embarrassing

Doug Gottlieb: “When did it become cool and acceptable to get you’re a** kicked on a football field and then go ‘umm, Mr. Lamar? Could you sign my jersey?? I know you don’t want my jersey but can I have yours?? Thank you for whooping my a**, making my legs look like Jello, and thoroughly embarrassing our organization!’ When you step in-between the lines you don’t like the other person and it doesn’t end when the buzzer sounds. I get the kneeling with others after the game, but how did switching jerseys with someone who just whooped your a** become socially acceptable?" (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why jersey swapping in the NFL has gotten pathetic and embarrassing, not only when players who don’t even know one another are asking opposing stars to sign their jersey, but exchanging jerseys and taking pictures with their arms around the opponent after one of the teams was blown out.

After the Baltimore Ravens eviscerated the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football, hordes of Jets players surrounded star quarterback Lamar Jackson wanting to swap jerseys with him.

Gottlieb finds it incredible awkward that players on the Jets would be so willing to want their picture taken with a guy who literally just embarrassed their team and threw even more dirt on a Jets franchise who has been the laughing stock of the league this year. It even appeared that Jackson had brought a box of extra jerseys to hand out and sign to Jets players like it was a charity event.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why this new-age trend is unacceptable.