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A Fine for the Patriots Is Not Good Enough, It's Just a Drop in the Bucket

A Fine for the Patriots Is Not Good Enough, It's Just a Drop in the Bucket

The Patriots beat the Bengals on Sunday, but the big story involving the Patriots is the release of the footage of Bengals security questioning the Patriots video team from last week. Clay Travis is reacting to that, giving props to Jay Glazer for getting his hands on that video and releasing it on the Fox NFL Sunday pregame show.

Clay says that it's pretty obvious something fishy is going on and that the video makes the Patriots look like they got caught red handed doing something that they knew they shouldn't have been doing, again.

"When I hear that audio, it makes the Patriots, to me, look so much more guilty, because when your first response when somebody catches you doing something that looks inappropriate is to say, 'hey how about we just delete it and we'll pretend this never happened?' That's not the actions that an innocent person undertakes."

So how should the NFL punish the Patriots if they are found to be guilty of wrongdoing? Clay argues that a fine or getting draft picks taken away just simply won't cut it. Clay says that fining billionaires is one of the dumber punishments that can take place. Clay brings in Danny G. & Dub to see what kind of punishment they think would be appropriate for the Patriots following this video release.

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