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Jay Glazer's 'SpyGate 2' Video Actually Makes the Patriots Look Better

Ben Maller: “How excited was that hardo Bengals security guy?? I didn’t think there was much to this ‘notorious’ video. I think this video actually helps the Patriots. The ‘I’ll delete it if you want me to delete it’ soundbite was not a good look but the actual video content shown on the Fox pregame show – I mean, I could go to a game and record the same damn video on my iPhone. This doesn’t rise to the high crimes of the Houston Astros with the whistles and banging on trash cans during games. The Patriots video guy was filming the backs of the Bengals coaches. Unless they have x-ray vision this is not going to help the game plan very much. It was the kind of stuff that anyone can see from the bleachers. There was nothing that should have made this rise to the level that it has rose to. It was once again the widespread paranoia around Patriots Derangement Syndrome. The Bengals security guy was acting all tough acting like he had just broken some global scandal. This is not a ‘Belichickian’ Move if you’re supposedly the 'greatest cheater of all time.’ The Patriots will end up getting a soft slap on the wrist.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks the ‘outrage’ behind the New England Patriots ‘SpyGate 2’ scandal is being vastly overblown, as the surreptitious franchise once again find themselves at the forefront of another illicit operation involving unlawful surveillance.

It was revealed that a Patriots videographer was taping the Cincinnati Bengals sideline from the press box during Cincy’s game versus the Cleveland Browns last Sunday in Week 14, just one week before the Patriots were scheduled to play the Bengals in Week 15.

The Patriots released a statement saying they were filming video at the game to get content for a new episode of ‘Do Your Job’ that had been running on the team’s website. This episode was centering around the daily duties and life of an advanced scout on the road, yet the video also contained clear footage of the Bengals sideline that had nothing to do with anything relating to ‘advanced scouting’.

Jay Glazer and Fox Sports released audio of the incident where you can clearly hear the Patriots videographers pleading with Bengals security in the press box to clear them of any wrongdoing and that they will ‘delete the footage.'

Check out the audio below as Maller details why he actually thought that Glazer’s video made the incident look much less severe, as the footage that was collected appeared like basic video any fan in the bleachers could have just filmed with their iPhone with no penalty.

Patriots' 'SpyGate 2' Scandal Shouldn't Be Considered a Big Deal At All