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Patriots Will Continue to Cheat Unless NFL Hands Down Severe Punishment

Clay Travis: “I don’t think there is any kind of substantive penalty that is actually of a draconian nature that makes the Patriots change their behavior. Now that we know more about ‘SpyGate 2’ how many other borderline, on the rules or past the rules moves have the Patriots been undertaking?? We’re not talking about an organization who has never done anything wrong; we’re talking about an organization who is perpetually in the wrong. It’s impossible to give them a pass.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the New England Patriots role in their latest alleged cheating scandal, as the developing story around ‘SpyGate 2’ once again has the franchise in the crosshairs of Roger Goodell’s punishing power.

It was revealed that a Patriots videographer was taping the Cincinnati Bengals sideline from the press box during Cincy’s game versus the Cleveland Browns last Sunday in Week 14, just one week before the Patriots were scheduled to play the Bengals in Week 15.

The Patriots released a statement saying they were filming video at the game to get content for a new episode of ‘Do Your Job’ that had been running on the team’s website. This episode was centering around the daily duties and life of an advanced scout on the road, yet the video also contained clear footage of the Bengals sideline that had nothing to do with anything relating to ‘advanced scouting’.

Jay Glazer and Fox Sports released audio of the incident, where you can clearly hear the Patriots videographers pleading with Bengals security in the press box to clear them of any wrongdoing and that they will ‘delete the footage’. Clay says the video is not only humiliating to the franchise, but damning as well, considering it was obvious that the videographers knew they were being busted for prohibited behavior.

Check out the audio below as Clay details why making the Patriots forfeit late-round draft picks and making billionaires pay puny fines is not going to make them stop cheating, and says the league needs to come up with much more punitive measures, possibly including severe suspensions or bannings, to get them to stop.

Clay Travis: New England Patriots Have Zero Respect for NFL Rules