Antonio Brown is Working on a Rap Album Titled 'No More White Woman 2020'


Antonio Brown is apparently trying to enter the rap game after posting a picture on his Twitter and Instagram that appears to be the cover of his first album titled ‘No More White Woman 2020’.

On December 8th Brown posted a short clip of a music video credited with being produced by Cab Records with brief samples from Sean Kingston and AB himself.

In the sample verse Brown’s lyrics include:

“Sippin’ on that Hennessy, I know you missin’ me //
Baby girl, give me some distance //
And forget everything that you mention //
Decisions that you made f*ck us up //
Baby I’m a player, I’m a proto //
Having one girl that’s a no-no //

On Brown’s Instagram story on Tuesday he made a post apparently looking for girls to appear in his upcoming music video, writing on his story: [Typos not included]

“Looking for 20 beautiful white women for a photoshoot for my new album #NoWhiteWoman2020. Email

Brown then reposted a story from verified Instagram influencer Danii Banks that read:

“All baddies in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale who are interested in a video shoot for @AB sponsored by @mixedswim please DM ME NOW. Must be available this Thursday-Friday!”

Also included in Brown’s story on Tuesday was Brown appearing to be working with a recording artist in his home, as Brown shows musician Leha Martinez (@Lehamarz) playing the electric guitar and generating musical samples on a laptop with the caption ‘We do it from scratch’.

Antonio Brown is Working on a New Rap Album Titled 'No More White Woman 2020'
Antonio Brown is Apparently Working on New a Rap Album Titled 'No More White Woman 2020'

'No More White Woman' appears to be alluding to Brown's ex-girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss, who was not one of the women who accused Brown of sexual assault this past year, but was one of Brown's exes who has recently threatened to further expose Brown. Brown posted a photo to his story on Tuesday that appears to be written to Kyriss by Brown's lawyer, notifying her to vacate all her belongings from Brown's property.

Antonio Brown is Working on a Rap Album Titled 'No More White Woman 2020'

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