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Clay Travis Blasts Media on 'White Power' Hand Sign Story at Army/Navy Game

Clay Travis: “There are a lot of dumb people on social media and roughly 2% of the population sends 90% of all tweets. So very often we’re judging American opinion by a tiny scintilla of the population who skew very left-wing and socialistic, and way outside the bounds of reasonable normal people. The reaction to this Army/Navy story is NOT normal, and I’m the only person who will talk about what BS a story like this is. There has been a hoax on the internet that the ‘Circle Game’ is actually a white power sign. This came from ‘4chan’ and was designed to ridicule America’s obsession with calling every single thing that goes on ‘racist’. These pranksters on 4chan said ‘What if we make the OK sign into a racist gesture?’ It’s a total prank that has started to get attention in the world. Their point was to satirize the stupidity of American life. Why don’t we ridiculous stupid people who are changing the way they act because of internet pranks? These cadets and midshipmen were playing the ‘Circle Game’ ---- unless you believe that after going through one of the most difficult admissions process in the country, and after being at the most difficult schools that 99% of you would not be able to finish that they decided to throw away their entire careers by tossing out White Power signs on Live television when everybody can see who they are and the entire country can immediately judge them, and they can be dishonorable court marshalled and discharged from their schools and never graduate and never be able to serve in the military. You my friends are so dumb if you legitimately believe that, and are just looking to be perpetually offended and outraged. You bought into Jussie Smollett, you bought into Michael Bennett, you bought into Colin Kaepernick, and you bought into Myles Garrett’s fake racism claims, and you’re just buying into these things now because you want the world to be worse than it actually is.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Clay Travis blast mainstream media organizations who closely covered the recent news story of students at last weekend’s Army vs. Navy football game allegedly throwing down ‘White Power’ hand symbols during a live telecast of ESPN’s ‘College Gameday’.

Military officials launched an investigation after viewers on Twitter posted videos during one of the Gameday segments of host Reece Davis standing among a group of Army Cadets and Navy Midshipman in the bleachers before their rivalry game on December 14th. In the background you then see a couple of the students flashing hand signs around Davis’ head that were clearly picked up by television cameras.

The motive and meaning of the hand symbol have been heavily disputed in recent years. The common symbol of touching the thumb and the index finger to make a circle with the remaining three fingers fully extended has long meant ‘OK’, but an internet hoax in 2017 staged by an anonymous imageboard website called ‘4chan’ forever altered the perception of the previously innocuous symbol.

The website created a viral movement called ‘Operation O-KKK’ designed to fool the media into believing that the ‘OK’ symbol was actually a symbol of white power. The bizarre stunt eventually trickled down to mainstream society as it triggered a substantial wave of fear behind the symbol actually being some underground rallying cry for white power.

The untended and unfortunate crossover occurred when individuals playing the ‘circle game’ were mistakenly called out for being white supremacists.

The ‘Circle Game’ is a timeless prank where one person tries to get another individual to look down at their hand while displaying the ‘OK’ symbol below their waist. If the other person looks down, then the person who glanced down loses the round and the person displaying the ‘circle’ gets to punch the person twice on the arm.

Listen to Clay Travis detail why he believes the mainstream media is now blindly running with stories the likes of the Army/Navy one, and branding individuals that are more than likely playing the ‘Circle Game’ as racists supporting ‘White Power’ to continue their agenda tilted towards cancel culture.

Check out the audio below as Clay explains why common sense would tell you that these midshipmen and cadets were playing the 'circle game' and jokingly trying to get millions of viewers to look down at their hand, and that it's extremely unlikely that ESPN just so happened to discover multiple racists willing to give up their entire careers and livelihoods to flash a 'White Power' symbol on national television.

Clay Travis Blasts Media on 'White Power' Hand Sign Story at Army/Navy Game