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Urban Meyer Is the Expensive Painting That a Rich Person Buys

Urban Meyer Is the Expensive Painting That a Rich Person Buys

Urban Meyer attended the Redskins and Eagles game in Dan Snyder's owner's box over the weekend and Clay Travis loves the power play that Meyer is using. All this year, Urban has been out of the coaching game and has been on TV working as a college football analyst. Meyer's name has recently been in the rumor mills, especially with the Dallas Cowboys...and now with the Washington Redskins.

Clay compares Urban Meyer to a multi-million dollar painting. Why would somebody spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a painting? Because they can. Urban Meyer has the attention of multi-billion dollar owners, and he wants them trying to outbid each other for his services as a head coach.

Clay Travis believes that Urban Meyer sitting in the owner's box in Washington was a great power move. If he didn't have the attention of the Cowboys before, he certainly does now.

"Urban Meyer does television for a year, he doesn't get as much interest as maybe he would have preferred in the college ranks, maybe they aren't willing to give him total control, not giving him total power. So what does Urban Meyer do this past weekend? He sits in Dan Snyder's owner's box and watches Dwayne Haskins play in that game against the Eagles. This is such a power move by Urban Meyer, I just have to step back and applaud him."

Clay argues that this move by Urban Meyer puts pressure on Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, assuming that Jason Garrett gets fired after this season. What's the one team Jerry Jones does not want hiring his potential number one coaching candidate? The Washington Redskins.

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