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Lamar Jackson is Offensive Player of the Year, Russell Wilson is MVP

Doug Gottlieb: “The Ravens lead the league in Pro Bowl selections with 12 and the Seahawks only have two players who are Pro Bowlers. The ‘value’ in Lamar Jackson is that he’s led the best offense in football, and that’s why he should be the ‘Offensive Player of the Year’. Lamar has more total TDs, more rushing yards, more wins, including head-to-head, but Russell Wilson has more total yards per game, higher completion percentage, more yards per attempt, more 4th quarter comebacks [4-1], and more game-winning drives [5-2]. If the game is on the line who would you rather have and who means more to their team?? Our recency bias and our desire to anoint Lamar Jackson as the GREATEST OF ALL TIME makes us get caught up in the Lamar Jackson story and makes us lose track of the word ‘value’. The Ravens are a better team but Russell Wilson is more IMPORTANT to his team.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb why he thinks Russell Wilson is more deserving of the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in a race for the award that really only features these two players, plus Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas as a distant third.

Despite Jackson electrifying the league as a second-year player and leading the Ravens to the best record in the NFL, Gottlieb points out that Jackson plays on by far the best roster in the NFL, with their 12 Pro Bowl selections proving that obvious fact. Wilson on the other hand, was a part of a Seahawks team that sent only two players to the Pro Bowl, including himself, and yet Wilson still shockingly has a somewhat weak Seattle team as the number 1 seed in a loaded NFC that is much deeper than the AFC.

Check out the audio above as Doug details why Lamar is the ‘Offensive Player of the Year’, while Wilson is the ‘Most Valuable Player.’