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Colin Cowherd: Milwaukee Bucks Are a 'Cool Story', Not a Title Contender

Colin Cowherd: “Milwaukee beats the Lakers at home and everybody is freaking out, and saying how LeBron 'passed the torch'. TIMEOUT. Milwaukee is one of those very young and talented teams who doesn’t have a title, and so these nationally televised games against LeBron James and the villains from Los Angeles mean so much to them. This is the Derrick Rose Bulls teams, the 2015 Hawks, and last season’s Nuggets team. Don’t take too much from this. Only three times in the last 16 years has the number one seed in the East got to the Finals and two of those were LeBron. Milwaukie right now is nothing more than a cool story.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he wasn’t particularly impressed with Milwaukee’s 111-104 win over the Lakers on Thursday night that was being billed as one of the most highly anticipated regular season games of the decade.

Both teams walked in with identical 24-4 records, and it was the least amount of combined losses between two teams that had ever played that deep into the regular season.

The win seemingly put a stamp on Milwaukee’s NBA Finals proclamations, but Colin isn’t ready to anoint the Bucks as any sort of world beater just yet.

A day after Colin said the Clippers were the only team in the NBA who could beat the Lakers in a seven-game series, Colin is now comparing this Bucks team to the Derrick Rose Bulls teams of the early 2010’s, the Hawks teams in the mid-2010’s, and the Nuggets of last season, as three regular season dominators who would later wilt in the postseason when the stakes increased.

Check out the video below as Colin calls this Bucks team simply a ‘cool story’.