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The Final AFC Playoff Spot May Come down to Teams Resting Their Starters

The Final AFC Playoff Spot May Come down to Teams Resting Their Starters

Clay Travis is making the NFL playoff picture a bit more clear for you heading into the final two weeks of the NFL season. Things are fairly simple in the NFC, the big game of the weekend that'll likely decide the final playoff spot is in Philadelphia between the Eagles and the Cowboys. The winner of this game will more than likely be the NFC East champ and make the playoffs!

In the AFC, things could get very interesting. The Titans and the Steelers are both currently sitting at 8-6, with Pittsburgh holding the advantage. The Titans finish with the Saints at home and the Texans on the road. The Steelers travel to the Jets this weekend and then travel to Baltimore to close out the season, but the Ravens and Texans could sit their starters in both of those Week 17 games.

"This final playoff spot may very well come down to what happens with the Ravens and their decision when it comes to resting their team and what happens with the Texans and how it comes to rest their team."

The Houston Texans will be crowned AFC South champs if they beat Tampa Bay this week and the Baltimore Ravens will clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs if they beat Cleveland on Sunday. Could we possibly see both of those teams give their starters the week off (if they have nothing left to play for) the final weekend of the regular season?

Plus, Clay goes through some of the tie-break scenarios. Who will eventually earn the final spot in the playoffs in the AFC?

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