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Colin Cowherd: Browns Should've Drafted Sam Darnold #1, NOT Baker Mayfield

Colin Cowherd: “Baker Mayfield’s NFL record is 12-16 and the knock on him is that he throws too many picks. Sam Darnold’s record in 10-15 and the knock on him is that he throws too many picks. Both of their teams are 6-9 and both of their teams just got crushed by the Ravens and their numbers were nearly identical. So much is the same, yet Darnold is loved, cherished, and thought of highly by the Jets faithful, and Baker Mayfield was just booed yesterday and flipped off by fans. Darnold is easy to root for because humble people are like that, but Mayfield is booed because he’s cocky, snarky, too many commercials, and is in love with himself. This is why I said from day 1 that I’m not handing my franchise to Baker Mayfield and that personality. I said I’d draft Darnold because he’s more talented than Baker, and he’s a lot more mature. This is why I said Baker as a franchise quarterback is UNDRAFTABLE. His personality is built to overcome the chaos that Cleveland will force him to deal with.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes the Cleveland Browns should have drafted Sam Darnold number one overall in the 2018 NFL Draft instead of Baker Mayfield.

Obviously, the Browns might want a redo simply to take Baltimore Ravens MVP frontrunner Lamar Jackson at #1, but Darnold and Mayfield were the two best college prospects at the time and most scouts believed Darnold had the upper hand on Mayfield because of his size.

Two years after Cowherd’s highly controversial ‘Baker Mayfield is Undraftable’ take that galvanized the entire Browns fan base and even Mayfield himself, Cowherd is doubling down on the bitter truth after Sunday’s Week 16 game that saw Browns fans literally boo Mayfield off the field, with some Cleveland fans even spotting flipping the middle finger to the second year quarterback in the midst of a disastrous sophomore season.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Darnold and Mayfield are so similar, yet one why is beloved by his fan base, while the other one is already on his last legs.