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Colin Cowherd: Dallas Cowboys Are Physically and Mentally 'Soft'

Colin Cowherd: “Yesterday was a chance to be tough and hardened but Dallas ISN’T. They’re physically and mentally SOFT. It’s crazy; no team in the NFL is built to run the football more than Dallas – they have the best offensive line in the NFL, EASILY, and they have the best running back too. But the second they got a little push back in the running game, Kellen Moore bails on it; let’s go back to being cute and clever! You look at that box score and it has SOFT written all over it. Lousy on third down, only 16 first rounds, time of possession only 23 minutes, and three yards a rush with the best offensive line. This team doesn’t want to be in the cage. DALLAS IS A SOFT TEAM; they aren’t built for this and Jerry has built the Cowboys to avoid discomfort.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys are simply a SOFT football team a day after their crippling loss in Philadelphia that handed the NFC East lead to the suddenly scary Eagles.

Dallas’ end of the season flop was painfully typical for the era’s biggest underachievers, as a franchise who is seemingly always somewhat relevant in the Super Bowl conversation has made a habit of coming up the smallest on the biggest stages.

Cowherd says it’s pathetic how the Cowboys have the perfect personnel to be a smashmouth football team on the ground with arguably the league’s best offensive line paired with arguably the league’s best running back, but says they completely abandoned the run early when they received a trace of push back from the Eagles front seven.

Check out the video above as Colin details why this Cowboys roster and coaching staff wasn’t built for uncomfortable games like Sunday was, and Colin says they’d rather just get cute in their passing game instead of trying to get into the cage with Philly and punch them in the mouth.