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Chris B. Haynes: LeBron James is STILL Better than Kawhi Leonard

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers
Doug Gottlieb: “Is LeBron James still a Top 5 player in the NBA?”
Chris B. Haynes: “No doubt.”
Gottlieb: “You would take him ahead of Kawhi Leonard, today?”
Haynes: “This might be the last year I will say this, but I will STILL take LeBron over Kawhi for this season, and I’ll still take LeBron over ANYBODY right now. I realize Kawhi is a baaad boy, he’s a robot, he can’t be touched, you can’t speed his game up, you can’t mentally challenge him, he’s his own person, but you have to take it from somebody to be the best, and I don’t feel like anyone has taken it from LeBron yet.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to NBA insider and Yahoo Sports columnist Chris B. Haynes explain to Doug Gottlieb why he still thinks LeBron James is the league’s best player, just hours after getting stuffed by 6’1” Patrick Beverley in the dying seconds of their monumental Christmas day showdown versus the Clippers.

James went just 9 for 24 in the game, including just 2 of 12 from three, but did manage to throw up a 23/9/10 stat line for a Lakers team still sporting the best record in the Western Conference.

Despite the dud from LeBron, he still leads the league in assists at 10.6, and is averaging 25.7 points on 49.1% shooting.

Check out the audio below as Haynes details why Kawhi hasn’t taken over LeBron’s throne as NBA’s best just yet.

Chris B. Haynes: LeBron James is STILL Better than Kawhi Leonard