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Doug Gottlieb: Don't Blame 'Bad Luck', Cowboys Are Just a Bad Football Team

Doug Gottlieb: “We keep creating this story for the Cowboys of ‘THEY SHOULD BE BETTER’, ‘THEY HAVE ALL THESE YARDS’, ‘THEY DOMINATE TIME OF POSSESSION’… That’s NOT how you decide football games, it’s can you make a play on third down, it's can you make a play in the red zone, it's can you make a play on special teams, it's coaching, chemistry, it's leadership, and it's ownership. Don’t give me this ‘Bad Luck’ stuff. ‘Bad Luck’ is what happened to the Seahawks and Eagles with their injuries at the end of the year.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys are having one of the most disastrous seasons in the history of their franchise during a year in which we were led to believe that the Cowboys finally had enough ammunition to make a run to the Super Bowl, only to finally realize that the team was a complete pretender.

Dallas is 7-8 on the season needing a Week 17 miracle from the 3-win Giants to beat Philadelphia on the road to make the playoffs, but barring the unexpected, there could be a purge on the horizon for the Cowboys coaching staff and quite possibly even a change at quarterback as well.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why it’s time for us all to stop scratching our heads and pondering why this Dallas team laid such an egg this season because of some ‘Bad Luck’ striking down a Super Bowl team, but rather just admitting to ourselves that this was never a great football team to begin with.