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Doug Gottlieb: Tom Brady Needs to Retire After This Season

Doug Gottlieb: “Even a blind man can see that Tom Brady is not the same, and a smart man would have told him he should have walked away last year after he won the Super Bowl. Brady cannot be happy with his supporting cast which only exacerbates his own limitations at this stage in his career. I’m not saying he’s Peyton Manning, who was TERRIBLE at the end and at one point got replaced by Brock Osweiler, but Brady has to be really careful because it can go quickly and get really, really, UGLY. Even if his ego says it wants to get paid and go to Los Angeles, Johnny Unitas ended his career in a Charges uniform, OJ Simpson was a 49er, and Emmitt Smith was a Cardinal – this whole idea of continuing to play doesn’t get better, it tends to get worse. You put your house on the market for a reason, your contract is up for a reason, the team’s offense is falling apart for a reason… All of these things seem to be working in the fashion of 'you know what dude, if you can’t get back a 10th Super Bowl and win that 7th championship to put you ahead of Michael Jordan I wouldn’t keep chasing it.' They always say a boxer never walks out of his last fight, he gets CARRIED, and I don’t want to see that to Tom Brady.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks 42-year-old Tom Brady should retire at the of the season, as New England will soon enter the postseason as a Super Bowl pipedream for one of the first times in Brady’s immaculate career.

The Patriots are 12-3 and are a win over the harmless Dolphins away from locking up the number two seed in the AFC, but 2019 has been a tumultuous season for New England during a campaign where they just can’t ever seem to firmly establish themselves as a legitimate contender in an AFC that has obviously been commandeered by Lamar Jackson and the unstoppable Baltimore Ravens.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb explains why he believes Brady should have retired at the end of last season, and details why the writing is on the wall for Brady to step away at the end of 2019, in what could be the last weeks of the Patriots dynasty.