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Colin Cowherd: Ohio State Fans Need to Stop Blaming Refs on Loss to Clemson

Colin Cowherd: “You threw two picks and also had a brutal roughing the kicker penalty. Was that the official’s fault too?? So, you want the officials and the replay to be perfect, but you had more penalties, more interceptions, and Clemson averaged 7.4 yards per play in the second half! YOU HAVE TO OVERCOME BAD CALLS. You could not stop Trevor Lawrence and could not make the play when it mattered most. That decides Super Bowls. That decides National Championships." (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t understand the outrage coming from Ohio State Buckeyes fans 48 hours after the Buckeyes’ heartbreaking last second loss to Clemson in the College Football Playoff.

Ohio State’s entire program and fan base alike is irate because of two massive calls that went against Ohio State in arguably the two biggest plays of the game.

The first, a targeting call on Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence that led to the ejection of Ohio State corner Shaun Wade. Clemson would have been punting down 16-0 midway through the second quarter, but instead, the automatic first down awarded to Clemson led to a Tigers downtown moments later that completely changed the complexion of the game.

The second call, perhaps the most controversial in the history of the college football playoff, was a scoop and score touchdown for Ohio State that was taken off the board when replay reversed the call and deemed it an incomplete pass. Clemson’s Justyn Ross was stripped by Ohio State’s Jeff Okudah in an incredible sequence that would have given the Buckeyes a 23-21 lead midway through the third quarter. Ohio State would go on to score another TD that would have made the score 30-21 if the fumble had stood. Clemson, of course, would go on to win 29-23.

Check out the video above as Colin tamps down the outrage and says Ohio State allowed too many things to happen as self-inflicted detriments to be allowed to believe that it was the officials who cost them that game.