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Former NFL Doctor Doesn't Believe Zach Ertz Will Play in First Two Rounds

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins
Dr. David Chao: “I am still doubtful that Zach Ertz plays even though you hear optimism coming out of Philadelphia. I get the Eagles really want him to play and that they need him, and that Ertz is lobbying to play, but it’s not the rib issue, it’s the KIDNEY issue. He says he doesn’t feel the kidney anymore, but normally you don’t feel kidney pain in terms of pain fibers. The issue is reinjury. He has a lacerated kidney, and go look back at the history. In 2015, Andrew Luck had a Week 9 lacerated kidney. The team said 2-6 weeks and he never made it back. Keenan Allen in Week 8 that same year never made it back. Hunter Henry, two years later, had a lacerated kidney in Week 15 and didn’t make it back. Jordan Poyer, a Browns safety at the time, had a lacerated kidney in October (2016) and didn’t make it back… Unless it never was a lacerated kidney and there is something I don’t know about medically, I don’t see how he plays this week and I don’t see how he plays next week either.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to former NFL team doctor Dr. David Chao join Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis to discuss why he’s deeply concerned about the potential of Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz playing versus the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday’s NFC Wild Card bout.

Ertz is not only dealing with broken ribs, but a lacerated kidney as well, which is an extremely severe injury that almost always ends seasons in their tracks.

Check out the audio below as Chao details how dangerous playing with a lacerated kidney really is, and explains why he not only doesn’t see Ertz playing versus Seattle this weekend, but against the San Francisco 49ers either, should the Eagles advance to the Divisional Round.

Former NFL Doctor Doesn't Believe Zach Ertz Will Play in First Two Rounds