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Lincoln Riley or Urban Meyer Could Save Dak Prescott and the Cowboys

Colin Cowherd: “To validate Dak Prescott’s upcoming contract, which is going to be $35 million a year or more, you have got to find someone who elevates Dak – a good quarterback but not a special talent. That’s the game now and Jason Garrett is not doing it anymore. The only two choices are Urban Meyer and Lincoln Riley.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley and former two-time National Championship winning head coach Urban Meyer should be at the very top of Jerry Jones’ wish list to become the next frontman of the Dallas Cowboys.

Colin says there is no question that the Cowboys will re-sign quarterback Dak Prescott, and will almost certainly have to cave in dishing him out a contract of at least $35 million. Colin says the only way the Cowboys can justify a contract THAT high for a talent THAT questionable is to have him guided by a quarterback specialist in a modern NFL that has a history of maximizing good but not special talents.

The two names Colin has circled for Jerry Jones? LINCOLN RILEY AND URBAN MEYER.

Check out the video above as Colin details why these two names are the obvious choices for a team that desperately needs consistency at quarterback.