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NYE Show Gets Awkward When Rob Gronkowski Spikes LEGO Model of Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Rages After Rob Gronkowski Spikes LEGO Version Of Steve

After winning three Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and spending eight years in the NFL, Rob Gronkowski retired. He now spends time making TV appearances, partying and enjoying life. He did all three on Steve Harvey's New Year's Eve special, but one thing he did seems to have really upset the host. With 48 minutes left in 2019, Steve's co-host, Maria Menounos,presented him with a special gift, a LEGO version of him. Steve seemed overjoyed, calling it "dope" and "amazing" and saying, "The resemblance is crazy!"

Then, 30 minutes later, as 2019 came to a close, Rob took to the stage in vintage football gear, grabbed the LEGO Steve, raised it above his head and spiked the tribute, shattering it into hundreds of pieces as a shocked Harvey watched in horror.

A disgruntled Steve then told producers that he didn't want to work with Gronk anymore, calling him "mentally unbalanced." Steve later tweeted about how surprised he was that Rob ruined his LEGO Steve.

As for Rob, he seems to have no regrets:

RIP LEGO Steve, 2019-2019: