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College Basketball Coach in Critical Condition After Allergic Reaction

UTEP basketball coach Rodney Terry was hospitalized in Miami after suffering an allergic reaction to medication he was taking. Terry is in critical but stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

"He was lucky enough that when the reaction occurred, our trainer, who travels with the team, was there," UTEP senior associate athletic director Nick Popplewell told KTSM 9. "He took him, admitted him into the hospital, and then at that point went through some diagnosis. They were able to treat him and take care of the situation."

First-year assistant Kenton Paulino took over and coached the team in a 69-67 loss to FIU on Thursday (January 2). After the game, Paulino said that Terry was "doing much, much better." The school has not said when they expect Terry to return to his coaching duties.