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Todd McShay: "I Wouldn't Take Another College Snap if I was Tua Tagovailoa"

Rich Eisen: “What possible reason would Tua have to go back?”
Todd McShay: “I have no idea, Rich, I really don’t. I’ve said multiple times that I wouldn’t take another snap in college if I was Tua, and I would advise his family with that, and I’ve talked to Nick Saban about that. Nick is not pushing him, and Nick is as good as anyone in the game at giving his players the right information… With Tua, it just comes down to what he thinks medically, what his doctors are telling him medically, and what he’s getting in terms of an evaluation back. That’s the part that none of us know right now. It’s one of the biggest unknowns I can think of in terms of a potential top 5 pick.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to ESPN NFL Draft guru Todd McShay explain to Rich Eisen why he would be absolutely shocked if Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa returns to school for his senior season, as the former National Championship hero announced on Twitter that he’s going to make his decision official on Monday, January 6th.

Check out the video above as McShay details why Tagovailoa's ambiguous and somewhat clandestine health status makes his potential Draft stock one of the most unpredictable that he can ever remember.