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Clay Travis: 'the Patriots Reign Is Over'

Clay Travis: 'the Patriots Reign Is Over'

Clay Travis is still walking on air after the Titans huge win in Foxborough over the Patriots. What is next for New England? Is their dynasty finally over after two decades of success? Clay believes that it is.

"I think that the Patriots reign is over. I think the Brady/Belichick dynasty is done."

There seems to be many more questions than answers for the Patriots moving forward into the off-season and the biggest question is what is going to take place with Tom Brady. Will Brady be back next season for the Patriots?

Clay asks the Outkick crew if they believe the Patriots dynasty is over. Will the Patriots bring back Tom Brady? Is there disagreement between Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick? Will New England find Brady's replacement in the upcoming draft? For the Patriots, the questions seem endless, which gives the sports world an intriguing next few weeks/months.

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