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Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Wild Card Team's Weekend in Just 3 Words

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints

Colin Cowherd Summarizes Every NFL Wild Card Round Game in Just Three Words -- (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Bills at Texans:

'NEEDED THAT EXPERIENCE' – “Sean McDermott said after the game that Josh Allen was 'trying to do too much', and that's just what happens with a young quarterback. Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and Josh Allen make mistakes. This is new territory and they can't act like they've been there before because they haven't. The Bills have now lost 6 straight playoff games and you have to go back to 1995 to find their last playoff win. Allen looked a little over his skis in crisis. He's a playmaker who was just trying to make a play, and he reminds me so much of Darnold. Dude, this isn't high school, you can't just be shoveling the ball all over the field."

'DESHAUN IS MJ' – "He was sacked 7 times, yet he had an 80% completion rate, 250+ yards, a touchdown, no picks, and a passer rating of 120. And that's against an excellent Bills defense with one of the best secondaries in the NFL. To be that effective with an offensive line who evaporated on the right side is a remarkable accomplishment from one of my favorite NFL players."

Titans at Patriots:

'DYNASTY IS OVER' – "They went 4-5 after they started 8-0 and lost three home games. They looked old and they looked tired. Julian Edelman looks all beat up and they don't have over the top players. We talk about Brady but they just couldn't run the ball, ranking 18th in rushing. Why? They lost Gronk who was a great blocking tight end, they lost their center, and they had a revolving door at left tackle for the first two months. They have to get somebody over the top, they have to address the tight end, and they have to get depth at offensive line."

'TITANS DESERVED IT' – "They led the NFL in rushing and put up 182 rushing yards, the most ever surrendered by Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Tannehill didn't even have a huge game, but you felt like Tennessee had a little more speed on the perimeter, had more of an offensive identity, and could rely on Derrick Henry."

Vikings at Saints:

'ANOTHER HEARTBREAKING LOSS' – "They've had three consecutive seasons end on walk off losses. They had only turned the ball over eight times all year but had 2 turnovers in this game. That defense had been so good all year but they just couldn't make stops in the two biggest plays of the game with Kyle Rudolph and Adam Thielen."

'WE LIKE THAT' – "Kirk Cousins had a 96 passer rating and was excellent in overtime. His throw to Thielen was the best throw of his career. Cousins is a much-maligned quarterback but he really put his stamp on this game with that late throw to Thielen."

Seahawks at Eagles:

'NOT ON WENTZ' – "Nick Foles didn't win a game this year. I don't think Jadeveon Clowney is a cheap player, but I thought that was a cheap shot. They were decimated by injuries and I think it was remarkable that they even made the playoffs. They started the year with more secondary issues I've ever seen, then they had an offensive line issue, and then they had wide receiver issues. I don't think they ever recovered from Desean Jackson's injury."

'RUSSELL REAL MVP' – "I know Lamar is going to win it but Lamar has got help. Russell Wilson was missing a left tackle, another offensive lineman, Chris Carson, Rashard Penny, C.J. Prosise, and Bobby Wagner was the only other Seahawk named to the Pro Bowl. The Ravens had 12, and it's not like Seattle has a great defense, they were ranked only 18th. The fact Seattle has advanced to the second round of the playoffs with all these injuries is unbelievable."