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Mike Pereira: Jadeveon Clowney's Hit on Carson Wentz Was a 'Cheap Shot'

Rich Eisen: “Was the Clowney hit on Wentz illegal?”
Mike Pereira: “Yea, I do think it is… You hate to go back in history but he knocked Foles out of the game in Week 16 last year with a helmet shot into the sternum which cost him $40,000 and it was called roughing the passer. This is different situation because Wentz has become a runner, but he’s going to the ground, was almost to the ground, and he hits him in the head. It’s not technically late but when I watch that play over and over again, in real time you can see him drop the head and take a shot. I think it’s a foul, and I do think it was a cheap shot.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Fox Sports NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira discuss Seahawks’ defensive end Jadeveon Clowney’s now-infamous helmet-to-helmet hit on Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz that knocked the Eagles star out of the game in the first quarter of their Wild Card game.

Clowney was shockingly not flagged for the hit to Wentz’s head, and officials even controversially announced after the game that they thought the contact was ‘incidental’.

Eagles’ players have lashed out against Clowney calling the hit ‘dirty’, and Clowney himself came out and said he expects to get death threats from the ‘worst fans in the world’.

Check out the interview above as Pereira details to Rich Eisen why he believes the Clowney hit was indeed a ‘cheap shot.’