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Mike Pereira: NFL Correct to Not Reverse Kyle Rudolph's Controversial Catch

Rich Eisen: “Was that offensive pass interference?”
Mike Pereira: “Yes, and it should have been called on the field, but did it rise to the level of what they’re looking for in replay that would allow them to come in, look at it, and put offensive pass interference on the play? Answer: NO. All you have to do is follow what they’ve been doing all year long and you see that there is a different standard that they use for replay, and it’s why the rule is so screwed up. But they are consistent… It’s a lose-lose rule and they need to either get rid of it, or find some way to alter it to where it makes more sense… I feel bad for Al Riveron because I don’t think even he knows what the standard is.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Fox Sports NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira discuss the controversial ending to Sunday’s Wild Card round that saw Vikings’ tight end Kyle Rudolph catch a game-winning touchdown pass versus the Saints in overtime.

It appeared Rudolph slightly pushed off from New Orleans defender P.J. Williams to haul in the third down catch from Kirk Cousins in the corner off the end zone, but the play stood and the Saints were sent home from the playoffs again in outrageous fashion.

Pereira says the play was indeed offensive pass interference but says the NFL has been consistent all year in refusing to reverse non-calls that weren’t egregious mistakes.

Check out the interview above as Pereira details how flawed this logic is, and why the league must drastically improve the pass interference challenge rules.