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Colin Cowherd: Now is the Perfect Time For Tom Brady to Retire

Colin Cowherd: “If you’ve got your money, just tie a bow around your career with class and dignity. Tom Brady isn’t good enough to elevate average people anymore, we all know that, and he can’t go to a rebuild either. He would have to go to a perfect situation and I don’t think the perfect situation is out there. I think it’s the perfect time to retire… Brady could end his career with 11 straight AFC titles, 11 straight playoff appearances, 8 of the last 9 AFC championships, one team, one coach, GOAT, and Seacrest out.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks now is the perfect time for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to retire, as the 42-year-old living legend sits at a precarious crossroads in his career.

Colin says he doesn’t want to see Brady go the route of future Hall of Famer literally deteriorating in front of our very eyes, in a sad display of demolition the likes of Brett Favre when he tried to resurface with the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Brady would be going out on top the same way players like John Elway and Derek Jeter successfully did if he stepped away during the offseason, and didn’t try to rebrand himself elsewhere as an aging quarterback.