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Donnie Wahlberg: Curve Ball Destination for Tom Brady is Dallas

Donnie Wahlberg Joins The Odd Couple

On today’s edition of The Odd Couple, actor/singer/producer and big Patriots fan Donnie Wahlberg joins Chris Broussard and Rob Parker. The guys get Donnie’s thoughts on the Patriots disappointing loss last weekend against the Titans. Donnie says missing C David Andrews and FB James Develin were undersold and the team suffered because of it. Plus, he thinks Brady will return, citing multiple celebrities put their houses up for sale and reporters are reaching for stories. Donnie also says Brady will need to have more personnel input in order to ensure him they will give him weapons if he were to come back. Rob says Donnie needs to stop denying it, saying Brady is washed up, hasn’t played great in the last 2 postseasons and Donnie needs to accept it! Donnie says winning is the most important thing – not statistics – and they are still just 1 year off another Super Bowl win. He tends to agree with Rob that Brady doesn’t look like he used to but this season was not solely a disappointment because of Brady’s play. Lastly, Donnie says some teams he could see Brady joining if he did leave are the Colts, Bears and a curve ball destination could be the Dallas Cowboys if they don't want to pay Dak.