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Red Sox Accused of Using 'Replay Rooms' To Illegally Steal Signs in 2018

In a new report, it looks as if the Houston Astros are not the only team that are being linked to illegally sign stealing during a championship year.

The Boston Red Sox have now been linked to sign-stealing tactics and according to a new report from Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich of The Athletic, they detail one of the illegal methods they allegedly used during the 2018 season World Series year. According to three people who were with the Red Sox during that time, the method involved the use of the video replay room.

The report says that players were visiting the replay room during games in the regular season to study the sign sequence opposing teams were using. The room is located just steps from the dugout at Fenway Park, and any information that was received was relayed to someone in the dugout, then to a baserunner on first or second base, and finally to the hitter. The system was not used during the postseason, as MLB began monitoring replay rooms with on-site personnel at that point.

At this point, it remains unclear whether or not Alex Cora, who was in Houston during their 2017 championship and Boston's title run in 2018, had any involvement in orchestrating this scandal.