Reggie Miller Says Zion Williamson Needs to 'Lose 30-40 Pounds'

Reggie Miller: “Zion Williamson is too heavy… I would sit him out this year and put him on a strict diet. He needs to lose about 30-40 pounds. That man, with those talents, and those springs needs to be playing at 250 pounds. At 250 he would be unstoppable.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to TNT basketball analyst Reggie Miller explain to Dan Patrick why he thinks celebrated New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson needs to 'lose 30-40 pounds’ if he ever wants to be an unstoppable phenomenon who can stick around in the NBA the next decade.

Even as a 19-year-old, Zion is already one of the heaviest players in the NBA, currently listed at 284 pounds.

Miller says the Pelicans need to shut down Zion for the rest of the season and get him on a strict eating plan that would slim down the 6’6” forward who at Duke possessed one of the most dominating playing styles in the history of college basketball.

Zion has yet to appear an NBA game through the season's first couple months, as he continues to deal with knee soreness from arthroscopic surgery to his right knee that he underwent right before the season began.

Check out the video above as Miller details why the Pelicans must slim Zion down, or risk the freak of nature being hampered by lower body injuries for the rest of his career.