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Tony Dungy: Tom Brady Should Sign With the Indianapolis Colts

Rich Eisen: “If Tom Brady does go somewhere else, where do you think would be a viable stop for him in terms of weaponry and an opportunity to win a Super Bowl?
Tony Dungy: “The best spot might be Indianapolis. I know they’ve been bitter rivals but they’ve got good young receivers, a lot of speed, a great running back, a tremendous offensive line, and a defense in place. Jacoby Brissett started off great, but there’s no established quarterback. They’ve got a lot of weapons there and were a playoff team last year.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy join The Rich Eisen Show to explain why he believes potential free agent Tom Brady should take his talents to Indy, as the 42-year-old’s future with the New England Patriots appears to be greatly in limbo.

Brady’s impending retirement seems highly unlikely, as the 42-year-old has been unyielding in his desire to keep playing until he’s 45-years-old.

Among some of the most popular destinations that have been floated are the Los Angeles Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, and even the Bucs, but Dungy thinks the Colts would rise above all four of those teams if it came down to Brady choosing between all of them in pursuit of another ring.

Check out the video above as Dungy details why a loaded Colts roster, coupled with a very competent coaching staff and front office gives Brady the best chance to win a Super Bowl.