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Would You Take Dak Prescott or Tom Brady for a Cowboys Super Bowl Run?

Would You Take Dak Prescott or Tom Brady for a Cowboys Super Bowl Run?

The season may be over for the Cowboys and Patriots, but both organizations have off-seasons filled with big decisions to be made. Dallas and New England share one major question mark and that's at quarterback. Dak Prescott and Tom Brady are both free agents.

On the heels of Mike McCarthy landing the Cowboys coaching gig, Clay Travis has an intriguing question for you this morning.

Which quarterback would be more likely to help lead Dallas to a Super Bowl win?Dak Prescott, remaining as the Cowboys starting QB with a big payday (maybe franchise tag)...or Tom Brady, if the Cowboys decided to sign the 'GOAT' as their QB for a more cap friendly short-term deal?

Clay thinks the money makes more sense if Dallas were to sign Brady, rather than invest over 100 million dollars in Dak. There is some debate over franchise tagging Prescott and how he would react to a one year deal after being so underpaid thus far in his career.

Clay polls his Twitter audience and asks the crew this interesting hypothetical. The Outkick crew seems to think that Dak is the way to go, but the Twitter poll says otherwise.

Clay opens up the phone-lines to get listener opinions from all across the country. Could the Cowboys actually be a real landing spot for Tom Brady? Would Brady consider finishing his career as a Captain for "America's Team?" It's certainly an interesting scenario, Twitter and the phone-lines lit up!

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